Officer Nominations Now Open

...To all the saints in Christ Jesus.., with the overseers and deacons...
— Philippians 1:1 (ESV)

Dear Cross Creek family,

Jesus is the King and Head of the church (Eph. 5:23; Col 1:18). By His Spirit working through the people of the church, He appoints men to special office for the purpose of exercising spiritual leadership (elders) and serving the body through works of mercy (deacons).

Nominations are now open for the office of elder and deacon at Cross Creek. Click here to download the "Officer Election Process" document which explains the nature of these offices and the process for electing and ordaining men to them. At the end of the document is an "Officer Nomination Form" (also available separately here) that you can print out, complete, and turn in to the church office in order to nominate someone (nominations close Sunday, September 17).

 As you ponder a candidate’s readiness, consider a shepherd more than an executive. 

As you ponder a candidate’s readiness, consider a shepherd more than an executive. 

In order to nominate someone, both you and the person you are nominating must be a communing member in good standing of our congregation. We also recommend that you first speak to the person about his willingness to serve. We are praying for 1–2 new elders and 1–2 new deacons this time. Officer training will take around 6 months, and our hope is to ordain and install new officers by next summer.

We are also beginning a sabbatical rotation process for our current officers. For now on we will ask all officers to periodically take a one year sabbatical (recommended every three years; mandatory after six). We will begin playing "catch up" with our current officers and rotate as many as possible through sabbaticals. This month, elder Rob Hooper and deacons Craig Merson and Jim Mose begin their sabbaticals. Our prayer is that the LORD would give them rest and refreshment during this season away from their active duties as church officers. Please keep these men in prayer, and encourage them as much as you can! 

Finally, during the worship service this Sunday, August 20, our newly elected deacon candidates will be ordained: Derick Leonard, Tim Miller, and Frank Redway. Praise the LORD for his calling on these men!

Grace and peace,

Keith Snow