Vision Update

Dear Cross Creek,

I wanted to share our Vision Update in case you weren't able to attend our recent meeting. 

Our mission as a church, the reason that we exist, is to join God in the renewal of all things through the gospel of Jesus Christ by making disciples. (That's the long version.) 

In short, we exist to make disciples! What's our plan for that here at Cross Creek? 


WORSHIP – Our hope is to see people who don't yet know God, come to know and worship Him!

GROW –  We want to help people to grow as disciples of Jesus in the context of God's covenant community.

BUILD – Our desire is that together we would build into our church and the community around us in word (sharing the gospel) and deed (acts of service and generosity). 

Below are some details about what has already been going on in some of these areas at Cross Creek this ministry year (since last summer), as well as ways in which you can get involved.


We have been working to cultivate richer worship services by:

  • expanding our music repertoire
  • building our music and A/V teams 
  • adding a greater variety of worship elements (testimonies, ministry spotlights, corporate prayers, creeds, etc.)
  • making ongoing improvements to our space (aesthetic, audio, and visual)
  • holding a special Night of Prayer & Worship event  


We have been working to cultivate richer growth opportunities by:

  • clarifying the expectations: while you are welcome to participate in numerous opportunities, we'd encourage you to choose at least one “Discipleship Group” opportunity (a class, Bible study, Life Group, etc.)
  • improving the offerings (e.g., new children’s and youth curriculums for Sunday Classes)
  • launching a new initiative: FIGHT CLUBS (simple groups of 2-3 men or women who meet weekly to help one another “fight the good fight of the faith”.)


We have been working to cultivate richer opportunities to build into our church and community by:

  • Hosting regular Community Events (e.g., Fall Festival, Movie Nights, Family Campouts)
  • Improving our Media and Hospitality efforts
  • Seeking opportunities to serve our neighbors (e.g., hurricane cleanup, Family Integrity foster program)
  • Maintaining key ministry partnerships (MOPS - Rachel Madden, CC - Kristen Snow & Michelle Malone, RUF - Tommy Park, FCWS, ELI - Chuck McArthur) - we hope to continue to add to this list as God leads, particularly identifying new stateside and overseas missions opportunities. 

THANK YOU for investing in the work and worship of the church here at Cross Creek through your generous and sacrificial giving. As you can see above, it is making an impact! God is using Cross Creek to see lives changed in our community. But we hope to reach even more!  

Currently, our Average Weekly Giving is on track with our budget. However, I would encourage each of us to prayerfully consider increasing your weekly giving so that we can continue to build this church and see this community transformed in new and exciting ways through the spread of the gospel and the kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

The new online giving feature through Planning Center makes it easy to set up recurring donations to Cross Creek. This is a wonderful opportunity. It means your giving can be scheduled and reliable, so that even if you miss a worship service for some reason you can still take part in "building" the church through your sacrificial giving. Visit to set that up.

Also, if Cross Creek and it's facility has blessed you and your family, consider if God might be calling you to help us relieve the cost of building on this beautiful property. We still have about $500,000 remaining on our building loan. You can simply indicate "Building" on your checks when you give, or select "Building Fund" when giving online (link). 

It such a humbling privilege to be your pastor, and a delight to work together with you to see the light of Jesus shine in a dark world that needs Him so desperately. Please continue to pray for the gospel to go forth in power in our community and throughout the world! 


Grace and peace,

Keith Snow